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Rise - Innovative Starters 2016

The Rise - Innovative Starters shortlist of 2016 is revealed !


Rise Innovative Starters


The Rise - Innovative Starters call for projects highlights the most innovative Brussels start-up of the year.

In concrete terms, this programme aims to reward the best technological companies through the allocation of a funding covering up to 500.000 euros of the costs related to the implementation of their Strategic Innovation Plan (PSI).

This year 11 entrepreneurs took their chance. Five of them qualified for the next round and  will defend their vision of the future as well as their technological innovation choices in front of a panel of experts.

The winner(s) will be announced at the beginning of 2017 !

Are you curious to know which companies are selected for Rise 2016



Artificial intelligence at the service of the retail sector



Kantify is a technological start-up aiming to help retailers maintain or develop their competitive position towards disruptors such as Amazon, using marketing and sales tools based on artificial intelligence. While retailers have access to ever more data, they rarely have the tools to extract value from this data. In a competitive market, it has become of prime importance for them to be able to intelligently use the knowledge that is captured in this data for their marketing, pricing and other commercial activities.

Tailored Artificial Intelligence

Kantify translates the business challenges of retailers into tailored technological solutions. In particular, Kantify develops algorithmic marketing collecting data and using artificial intelligence to, for example, suggest the right product for each customer or offer the right product at the right time at the right price.

Kantify is located in Brussels and was founded by Ségolène Martin and Nik Subramanian. Kantify combines agility with strategic and technological expertise. Kantify supports the Brussels academic and technological ecosystem: partnerships with universities, member of the Software In Brussels cluster.

Impact of Rise

Thanks to Rise, Kantify will be able to recruit 3,5 people. Objective: strengthen its Brussels R&D team in order to develop innovative services and processes that will answer to the increasing challenges to which retailers are confronted in the exploitation and valorization of the data they collect.

Through Rise, Kantify wishes to contribute to the development of the positioning of Brussels in a promising industry (artificial intelligence) and an essential field of the Brussels and Belgian economy (retail).


nviso logoNVISO CVBA is a consultancy firm focusing exclusively on cyber security for the financial, government and technology industry. NVISO has 3 key service lines:

  • Cyber Strategy where it helps companies to define and implement a cyber security strategy

  • Cyber Resilience where its technical experts provide hands-on assistance to companies in preventing, detecting and responding to security incidents

  • Awareness & Training where NVISO teaches employees to identify security threats and how to best react to them

NVISO was founded by a group of 5 young cyber security professionals, which over the last 3 years has grown into a 25+ people company. Operating in a quickly evolving industry, innovation is the foundation of their company. The purpose of NVISO's strategic innovation plan is to develop innovative cyber security services aimed at the financial, technology and government sectors.

Last year, NVISO received its first funding by Innoviris through the Shape program. This allowed the company to boost the development of a security sensor, which is used to detect cyber threats in corporate networks, in support of its cyber security services - after spending 6 months enhancing the sensor, it recently won NATO’s NCI Agency Defense Innovation award.

NVISO is now preparing for the next stage in its evolution with a forecasted growht to 60 people by 2019. The  Rise program is the perfect opportunity to help NVISO  realize its innovation strategy for the next 3 years. 


CommunithingsCommuniThings is an established player within the urban-mobility space, leveraging IoT technologies to collect data from the streets and convert it to valuable services for the city’s stakeholders.

The aim of the strategic plan of innovation of CommuniThings is to provide a seamless customer journey for on-street parking, by facilitating parking search for citizens throughout the entire city, and enabling a ‘hands-free’ payment experience at each parking space.

CommuniThings will use machine learning and pattern recognition to introduce predictive analytics of parking availability throughout the city. The developed solution will reduce traffic congestion and associated car emissions, while ensuring a more efficient parking-control by the municipality. 

The PSI implementation will allow Communithings to grow the team from 6 to 9 workers in Brussels over 2 years, and realize a growth from 10 cities today to over 100 within 3 years. Within 3 years, CommuniThings will become a Smart-City VAS boutique and open-data API provider to external developers, leading ultimately to its adoption within connected cars and logistics companies.



open lex logoLex.be was founded in 2015 by Toon Vanagt (commercial engineer) and Eric Rodriguez (civil engineer). Along with Erik De Herdt (ICT lawyer). Lex.be is a Google for legal information, a platform for legal professionals that allows to easily find relevant legal information, work more efficiently with modern tools and to tap into new sales channels.


With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the legal world stands at a key turning point. Lex.be is ready to embrace this one-time opportunity and ease the digital transition of the traditional legal landscape into the “LegalTech Era”.  


Technology & Innovation are at the heart of lex.be.

With the support of Innoviris, the lex.be Strategic Innovation Plan will allow to conduct research to build new innovative applications for legal and administrative professionals around open authentic legal sources based on the latest open source technology.

Open lex website


Lex.be products are offered in a modern "software as a service".

Today, the experienced team wants to attract at least three new full-time employees in the Brussels region, to further disrupt the legal world and help professionals entering this new digital age with state-of-the-art solutions.


Kabandy logoKabandy – Kabandy – construction, 'to connect' in Sanskrit – is a spin-off of the ULB and is active in Building Information Management, BIM for short. Kabandy's core activity? The collaboration of project teams on digitally intelligent 3D scale models collecting all the available information during the entire life cycle of a building.

KabandyThe company develops solutions to improve the structure of the data of the digital scale models, so that the owner can make better use of it later thanks to the technologies of the future (connected objects, augmented reality, energetic simulation). Based on an already developed prototype, the young start-up is currently bringing together a number of approved companies from the architecture, engineering and construction industries in a consortium. The objective is to develop and implement a participatory platform, based on the digital scale model.


Kabandy was founded by Rajan Filomeno Coelho and Benoît Descamps in the ICAB incubator in Etterbeek. Two new engineers will be strengthening the team as of the beginning of 2017. The organisation is not planning on staying in the incubator, but hopes to grow in the coming years through the support of and strong cooperation with trusted partners.



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