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There is a great lack of qualified young people in sciences and engineering in Europe. STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are still not very popular. In order to encourage young people's interest in these studies, Innoviris has decided to launch the BIFROST-ONE campaign.

BIFROST-ONE offers pupils in the last year of secondary school in the Brussels Capital Region the opportunity to think of, develop and carry out a scientific and/or technological experiment in weightlessness during a parabolic flight.


Do your pupils also dream of developing a scientific space project and have it travel on board a weightless flight? Thanks to BIFROST-ONE you can make this dream come true.
BIFROST-ONE shows how important new technologies are in the discovery of space, and places dreams and emotions at the centre of the scientific adventure.

This is also the message Brussels wants to send to the younger generations. Therefore, Innoviris has decided to organise and support the BIFROST-ONE project during the school year 2016-2017.



BIFROST-ONE goes much further than the ambition to stimulate young people's interest in a scientific career. The project offers pupils the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the space sector. The young people themselves are responsible for all the different aspects of their project: they define the objectives and the concept of their experiment, build the components, carry out the various tests and prepare the launch. Afterwards, they analyse the data collected.


Active participation of teachers 

The participating teachers are invited for an information session at the start of the project (workshop on 23 November 2016 in Brussels) and will be offered guidance by a team of experts throughout the duration of the project. 


Do you want to participate in the BIFROST-ONE competition? 

Read the rules (French or Dutch version of the website) carefully before submitting the application form.

Download the application form (in the toolbox of the French or Dutch version of the website) and send it at the latest on 28 October 2016 by e-mail or by post to:


Your Innoviris contact person


Sebastien Rush

Tel. +32 2 600 50 11

Chaussée de Charleroisesteenweg 110
1060 Brussels









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