• Doctiris call 2017

    The Doctiris action aims to encourage partnerships between the Region's academic and industrial/economic sectors via the funding of doctorate projects implemented in collaboration with a partner-company based in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • Team up to improve the use of artificial intelligence !

    The first edition of the new Innoviris program "Team Up" will be dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. At Innoviris, we believe that AI should not just be the playground of GAFA and academic brains. On the contrary, we believe that AI knowledge should flow from academia to the industry and be the source of a wealth of business opportunities in a broad spectrum of sectors: transportation, home/services, healthcare, education, public safety, security. Are you an entrepreneur or a researcher and do you want to be part of the AI transformation? Submit an expression of interest to participate in the first Team Up call for projects.

  • Working together to build urban resilience

    Exploring the reality of a vulnerable society, spreading the scope of our changes. With every crisis being a valuable opportunity to move closer to a sustainable and better future, the Brussels Capital Region is supporting research and development into urban resilience.

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