Testit - Living Labs

Testit - Living Labs

Through the Test-it campaign, Innoviris wants to give innovators the chance to develop and test their products, solutions and concepts and try them out with end users.





Through the Test-it campaign, Innoviris wants to give innovators the chance to develop and test their products, solutions and concepts and try them out with end users.

The applied research and innovation projects are carried out in living labs, in which researchers, users and a platform of users are involved.





2016 Edition 

The Living Labs Brussels Retrofit campaign 

The objective of the ERDF project ‘Living Labs Brussels Retrofit’ is to encourage renovation in the housing sector, by implementing experimentation and innovation projects that combine the forces of players in the construction sector and research entities.

In the context of this call, innovative techniques and processes are applied to real renovation projects in the housing sector and by players of the construction sector. These techniques and processes, tested and improved via the Living Labs projects, can subsequently be applied at a larger scale, with the aim of offering affordable solutions for renovations in the Brussels-Capital Region, both for the private sector and subsidised housing.

In addition, the cooperation between the construction sector and research institutes can also be improved.

In short: the main objective of each Living Lab is to develop, test and implement energy efficient renovation solutions which address the specific challenges the construction sector in Brussels faces.

Priority research themes were established, according to the special challenges faced by the construction sector, particularly in the Brussels-Capital Region. You can consult the different research themes in the regulations on pages 6-7 (available in the toolbox of the French or Dutch version of the website).


The Brussels entities which may submit an application to Innoviris in the context of this call are:

Self-employed persons who do not fit into one of the categories described above cannot submit an application. However, they may participate as a subcontractor or a self-employed person in a project in the budget of one of the partners.

The budget of all research institutes participating in the project may not exceed 30% of the overall budget.

The project may not be coordinated by a research institute.

The selection procedure of the projects consists of two phases: an expression of interest and a comprehensive proposal.

Applicants must submit their expression of interest to Innoviris by 22 January 2017 at 12.00 at the latest. Applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

The application form and the annexes (available in the toolbox of the French or Dutch version of the website) must be submitted in one copy, printed on the front and back, to the following address:

For the attention of  Jeremy Levin - Call Living Lab Retrofit 2016
Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation
Chaussée de Charleroisesteenweg, 110

An electronic version, in doc or docx format, is also sent to the following addresses:

  • funding-request@innoviris.brussels

  • jlevin@innoviris.brussels

Type of funding

The financial aid may be allocated as a grant.

The projects have a maximum duration of four years.


Financial support (maximum)

The grant has been set at 100% of the budget of each partner.


Innoviris contact person


Gaëtan Danneels

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 19